Our signature Hot Pink Limo is a great way to arrive with friends in style or celebrate your special day! Limo rides make the perfect add-on to Parties and Group Spa and Makeover Services and are both fun and affordable. Contact your local store for availability and rates.

Limo Ride Options

(Must be accompanied by a service or party in the store. Mileage restrictions and additional mileage charges may apply)

  • Roundtrip Limo Rides (Pickup & drop off)
  • 1-way Limo Ride
  • 15-20min Limo Ride-Around
  • Party in the Pink Limo

Limo Ideas

Our Sweet & Sassy Limo may be available to attend community events such as school carnivals, fairs, grand openings, etc. Contact your nearest store today.

Limo Surprises are the most joyous occasions. Consider booking the Limo for a Surprise Pickup at your daughter’s school to bring her in for makeovers, a party or pampering.


How many friends can ride with me in the limo?

That depends on your store's limo style and limo policy. Most limos seat 10 guests under the age of 12. Contact your location for details.

Can I bring food and drink in the limo?

We don't allow food and beverages in the limo, but can take you, your child and her friends to destinations that offer food and drink. For more information on this, check out our "Party in the Pink Limo" Party.

Can I add a limo on to a service or do I need to have a party?

While we don't offer limo services to the general public, you can add a limo service on to any service or party. Some guests choose to arrive to their pedicure in style with a special friend on a special day, while others enjoy the limo for parties and larger celebrations.

Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for the limo?

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for the limo. Elementary age children often enjoy having the limo pick them up from school for their service or party. Teenage girls enjoy the limo for scavenger hunts, concerts, and fun outings with their friends when they book the “Party In The Pink Limo” party.

Can we bring our own music?

Yes, you can bring your own music. It must be age-appropriate for the party and free of explicit language or subject matter.

Most limos have both DVD and CD players. Check your local Sweet & Sassy for more specific information on music and video options.

Should we tip our limo driver?

That is your choice, but it is customary to tip limo drivers for a job well done.

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